How to Increase Posts on Your Blog

Ever the direct marketer, when I began my blog only a few weeks ago, I instinctively ended my blogs with a call to action ? or at least an invitation to continue the conversation I had started.


?What do you think??

?Am I accurate here? Or way off base??

?Is this on the mark, or do you handle it differently??

I know bloggers know that they can respond to blog entries with their own posts ? but as a direct marketer, I know that when you ask for a response, you get more responses.

My own blog generated more than 50 posts within 24 hours of my putting it up online, which Paul Chaney says is an unusually high volume.

Is that because the blogging community wanted to see what I (a self-confessed blogging skeptic) was up to ? or that my first entry naturally stimulated conversation?

Maybe. But I bet part of the reason was that I ended with an invitation to respond.

In direct marketing ? online or offline — we call this ?asking for the order.?

Now, I?m new to blogging — and I don?t really understand it as a marketing medium.

I get the feeling that having a lot of posts isn?t the goal here, but I don?t really know what is.

So, dear reader ? can you clue me in here? What’s the goal of a blog and more important, how do you measure it?


40 thoughts on “How to Increase Posts on Your Blog

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  • Hmmm, Bob looks like you’ve been spammed. Another possible subject for your blog?

    I’m sure Dan’s cartoons are great, but have nothing to do with your post. Now, getting the word out through blog comment posting is a great way to drum up interest, but this, IMO, is not the recommended approach.

    I agree, your call to action was awesome! It’s the way to go to illicit responses. I believe that more people responding suggests increased stickiness (sp?) of your site – though metrics will tell you more.

    If Dan had really wanted to impress me. He’d have hooked the idea of a call to action into his call to action. I.e. come check out my ‘toons to see how they will do something for you.

    Sorry Dan, I won’t click on your links in principal – you broke a rule by behaving badly.

  • Hey Bob, I want to take a moment to introduce myself, as this is my very first blog comment post. I’m a 23 year old wannabe internet marketer. For a little over a year now I’ve been studying internet/direct marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting and anything else remotely related to selling stuff online. Back in May I purchased my first “asset”, a poorly designed and poorly marketed website selling lottery information. Since then myself, and two buddies of mine who share the same goals have been experimenting with different marketing techniques with relative success thus far.

    But that’s all besides the point. I wanted to address your question regarding Blogs being used as a marketing medium…

    I personally am of the belief that blogs are the ultimate marketing medium, now I provide no proof of that as I don’t currently even have a blog of my own, and you’d be hard pressed to find very many bloggers making serious amounts of money from blogging. But I believe that fact doesn’t mean blogs can’t be used for internet/direct marketing.

    Email lists and email marketing is touted by the “gurus” as the true key to success for internet marketing. The basic formula is simple… provide valuable content to build a strong relationship with your list, then periodically market relevant and related products to your list that you know will benefit them in some way.

    A Blog is no different… build a strong readership following by providing valuable content to a targeted niche and occasionally make an endorsement or just let them know about a product you are selling thats relevant to the subject matter at hand. The real benefit to using a blog for this as opposed to email is the relative ease of syndication without the hassels of email filters and stuffed inboxes.

    For example… Bob, you have what, 25 years or more of direct marketing experience, so I can only assume you’ve got some products you sell related to the subject or atleast know some colleagues who do, that you could joint venture with. And with your experience you should easily have a pretty endless supply of valuable content you could blog about here.

    I personally have you’re blog sydicated in my bloglines account (along with many other marketing blogs), so whenever you make a new post, I’m gonna read it. If you provide me with valuable markeing related content that I can use, I’m certainly going to listen to any endorsements you make and will take the time to read any sales material you may have for a product of your own. I’m ripe and ready to buy Bob, you just have to market to me.

    I know this might be hard to take seriously considering I’m just a babe in the woods and thus far have very little experience and virtually no real successes to speak of, but I doubt you can deny the principle idea behind the theory… Blogs/RSS is the NEW email!

    Test it out, I think you’ll see what I mean.

  • Well, unfortunately I actually wrote a rather lengthy response to your post but lost it when I typed int he security code and apparently did it wrong. My response was then lost.

    The short version? Welcome to the world of blogging. 🙂

  • Bob – I believe your fifty respondents have stunning voices. Most choirs do. I have extensive experience with two bulletin boards. Calls for action yielded a very minute percentage of the collective audience. Perhaps blogs are different though.

    My blogging goal is to make people think. I personally do not look to measure this…but I do look to see what people say by way of comments.

    As a marketing medium? If people have a choice, people buy from people, not companies. Lets say a cat works for a sporting goods store in a medium size town. Maybe he is very knowledgeable in hiking or skiing gear. He talks about it on his blog. People ask questions. He helps them. They learn his store is in town. Now they want to go see him in person. He is just as obliging in person. They tell their friends. Just an idea.

  • Hi Bob

    Im an Internet marketer and to be honest I try to steer away from blatant marketing in my Blog! To me my blog is a place where my readers and or customers can find out about me, my life, my loves etc. It is the real me behind my business (scary huh) what if people dont like me or see me as unprofessional in some way. Yes risks but then Im a risk taker and I like to be me 🙂

    For me a website is actually quite a dead space. I cant see who is behind it and I cant really interact or get a feel for them. I can read it and order and thats it. Not really a reason for me to re-visit unless its a news site or a BLOG 🙂

    A website with a blog on the other hand can come alive. It gives me reasons to re-visit and then I might get to like the guy and then I might get to trust the guy and then I might even buy from him.

    I know we live in a fast age where ROI is all important and speed is of the esscence, but I prefer to build relationships and a Blog is a great way to do that.


  • Bob, I do think your name & reputation has something to do with number of replies. Had it been someone I hadn’t heard of causing all the fuss, I doubt I’d have bothered reading. I’m hoping you’re right about the call to action. I started being a bit more aggressive with mine. No statistically significant increase yet – but it’s tough to measure when I’m starting with a base of zero to three comments for an average post. I’ve found that getting folks involved in my industry (trade shows) is a challenge. I even launched a newsletter couple of months ago which references a selection of each week’s blog posts plus some bonus content. It’s doing very well – averaging 60% open rates, 50% of whom are clicking through to different posts. But even with that reinforcement I’m not seeing an upswing in comments. I have two or three regulars that post often, but can’t seem to get others involved. I believe in my case it’s because people are politically sensitive to opining in a public forum. They’d likely be much more comfortable doing so in a private bulletin board forum. Hopefully that will change. I hope you share any meaningful results from your efforts… I don’t know if/how you’d test various ways of getting blog responses, but if anyone can do it, you’re the guy.

  • Bob,
    I knew you would be an asset to the blogosphere. That’s why I harassed you so much about joining it. This post just adds credibility to that assertion. Bob, don’t stop blogging man. We need you!

  • I think the number of blogs that link to yours, and their quality, is a better measure of its popularity than the number of posts.

    What’s the point of blogging? For me, it’s a way to
    – express opinions and cover news that wouldn’t fit my Website; — let clients get to know me;
    – attract new clients (several have come through the blog)
    – sell my books and reports;
    – get speaking engagements;
    – meet fascinating people all over the world who blog

  • A blog post is a call to action (to comment) itself. But maybe the non-blogwise amongst us need that heavyhandedness.

    As for goals and measures…you’re looking for answers, asking questions, probing. What are you saying about yourself? Are you beginning to suspect that there is a measure beyond numbers? A goal beyond the order?

  • Bob,

    My opinion is that you are right. In addition – while direct marketing on a blog is icky it’s valuable to create a forum for Opinion Leaders in your category. It’s the backbone of BUZZ.

    Let’s say I have a regular blog readership of 300 opinion leaders. One a given day 10% were so impressed with what I had to say they told 10% of their contacts – WOW – now that would be a great marketing day, wouldn’t you say?

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