10 Secrets of Success

My good friend Roger Parker asked me to come up with ?10 success secrets? and talk about them in a teleconference, which we did.

Here?s my list of what I think it takes to be successful:

1. Define what success means to you. Then pursue success as you define it ? not as others do.

2. Love what you do for a living. Noel Coward said ?work is more fun than fun.?

3. Find the intersection of your passions and the needs of the market.

4. Become the best you can be at what you do. Work tirelessly to increase your skill and knowledge.

5. Specialize. Master and dominate a niche of the market, rather than attempt to master the whole market.

6. Be the consummate craftsman. Always DO your best on every job.

7. Be the client?s ally and partner, not his adversary.

8. Do not undercharge. Charge what you are worth. But don?t overcharge; don?t make it difficult for clients to hire you.

9. When in doubt, get money up front.

10. Don?t waste time with things that may be pleasant or entertaining, but do not help you achieve your goals. Value your time as the precious, limited resource it is.

Make sense? Any you would add to the list or dispute?


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