3 idiot things some marketers mistakenly believe are true

Lots of people pontificate about marketing. Always have.

Especially among young marketers, there is a propensity to latch
onto the latest bright shiny objects (BSOs).

The only problem: many of these marketers and BSO fans don’t know
what the heck they are talking about.

My first case in point: a young millennial marketer chastised me
for my old-fashioned website.

Even though it has in fact been optimized for mobile, it was
originally designed for desktop.

And my young friend told me, as so many have: “Every consumer uses
their mobile to shop online today … no one uses a desktop.”

Makes sense. The only problem: the facts say otherwise.

According to a recently released report from Akamai, less than
half of consumers browse the web with their phone.

But only 1 in 5 — a mere 20% — completes purchase transactions
on a mobile!

For me in particular, 80% of the subscribers to this online
newsletter read it on a desktop, and only 20% on a mobile.

So I said to my young friend who told me desktop is dead:
“Wrongo, Mobile Breath!”

(Being so young, I am sure he didn’t get the Johnny Carson

Second case in point: the much ado about social media nothing.

A study by Riple found that 55% of small business owners listed
Facebook posts as their most important marketing tool.

They are apparently unaware of the MediaPost research showing
that email is ***6 times more likely*** to generate a direct
response than a social post.

Third case in point: The other day, a friend asked me if I had a
certain app.

I told him that I have NO apps.

“How can someone in today’s mobile age, especially a marketing
guy, not use apps?” he asked.

My question: If apps are so useful, important, and vital — why
does Localytics report 1 in 4 mobile apps is abandoned after
being used just one time?

The lesson for marketers: don’t listen to all the hooey and BS
out there.

Use what works. Test it for yourself.

Then do more of what works — and less of what doesn’t.

Not exactly rocket science, is it?


5 thoughts on “3 idiot things some marketers mistakenly believe are true

  • Most webpages, no matter what they claim, are mobile ready. So I use my desktop with a 22″ monitor or my laptop with a 15.6″ monitor to shop on. Both of those devices are running linux, which MOST webpages do not have a problem with.

    As far as apps go, I do have some as they are useful to me, but if they are of no use, or if they deplete the battery in my phone, or if they overwhelm me with ads, they are gone. Most of them are annoying or of no use. The primary purpose of my phone is for making calls, texts, and remembering passwords. The password app I use has a version for linux, windows, and android, and shares the same database file. I also use a file transfer app, which allows me to transfer files between any two devices (at a time) thru my home wifi.

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