3 simple steps for getting out of a slump

I once gave a very well-attended course at the Learning Annex in
New York City called “How to Get Out of a Slump.”

I think the reason it was well-attended was because the topic is
universal: everybody gets in a slump every now and then – not
just baseball players.

To my great surprise, one of the attendees was a former star of
a network sitcom.

She is beautiful and talented, but after the sitcom went off the
air, her career (she told me) went into a long slump … and the
success others had predicted for her did not materialize.

The entire essence of the course was a simple 3-step process:

1-Find out what works and doesn’t work for you.

2-Stop doing what doesn’t work.

3-Do MUCH more of what does work.

The importance of the word “much” in step 3 is critical.

When you have a setback, don’t just try a few things to reverse

Take what I call “massive action.”

Do much more than you think is required to reverse your slump.

That way, the odds of finding something that works are
geometrically increased.

I have often said that the secret to having a pipeline full of
leads for your business is to figure out how much marketing you
need to get the number of leads you want – and then do double

Years ago, I interviewed Jane Trahey, a successful advertising
executive in Chicago, for a career book I was writing.

She told me the secret to her success was having many balls in
the air at once, which increased the chances that at least one
would stick.

The natural tendency of human beings faced with difficulty and
adversity is to shut down – to retreat and nurse their wounds.

The stereotype of this is the young woman who sits on the couch
eating a large container of fudge ripple ice cream.

You must resist this temptation to give up and instead do the
opposite – leap into action at full speed and full steam.

Be sure to follow my 3-step formula which requires you to (1)
find out what does and does not work, (2) stop doing what
doesn’t work, and (3) do much more of what does work.

Remember the old maxim: Insanity is doing things in the same way
and expecting different results.

It is also doing nothing.

By the way, worrying about the slump you are in is human nature,
but it is also a complete waste of time.

So stop worrying about your slump. And start doing something
about it.

P.S. Do not despair if your results from using this 3-step
formula are not immediate. Often it takes a few weeks or even a
couple of months before you start seeing a return on your


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