Amicus and Elvis

I was watching a video of Elvis singing How Great Thou Art on  YouTube and a banner ad popped up over the video. It advertised a 35th anniversary Elvis Presley package for $125. Makes sense.

Then I watched another video, this one of Elvis singing Bridge Over Troubled Water. A banner popped up advertising Amicus Practice Management Software for law firms.

What sense does that make? How is that related to Elvis other than he had lawyers? How are these decisions made?

Amicus has such a narrow target market (lawyers), yet their banner is all over the place. The waste in their banner advertising must be enormous, since most of the people it reaches are not lawyers.


774 thoughts on “Amicus and Elvis

  • I’m looking at an advertisement in “Reader’s Digest.”

    I see a large picture of a bowling ball in a bowling alley. The first line, in small font, is at the bottom of the picture and reads “Sometimes circles just make sense.”

    Who would have guessed that this ad is about the Stryker GetAroundKnee System.

    I know that I’m new to the ad copywriting profession, but this ad simply makes no sense to me.

    I would have written something like “Discover How The Stryker GetAroundKnee System Can Restore Your Knee’s Natural Circular Motion.” This opening line would be in larger font at the top of a picture of an older couple dancing.

    Maybe I’m just too rational.

  • I have a client who is an attorney. The concept of identifying an “ideal client” and marketing to them is a really tough sell. They want to be in as many places as possible – just in case.

    On the other side of the coin, like automobile dealerships, they have the profit margins built into their product/service to let it ride from time to time – just to see what happens.

  • I have long since stopped trying to talk common sense into some of my clients. I make suggestions and they can take them or leave them. It used to bother if a client had idiotic ideas. Or when they wanted to waste thousands of dollars on something I was sure wouldn’t work. Now, I offer my best advice and that is all. I have lost too many clients in the past by standing up for time tested marketing principles and logic. I would probably starve if I whacked every client who had a silly idea with my marketing advice 2X4.

  • Bob,
    Since YouTube is now owned by Google it’s likely that they are delivering ads based on your previous search history in Google. So if you had been conducting research on “practice management software” for a copyrighting client Google would find you are the ideal prospect to receive such an ad, regardless of the content of the video.

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