Answer to “Test Your Business I.Q.”

The correct answer is ?B.? MM, a successful bar owner, says the best people to hire as bartenders are attractive young men.

?You want to fill your bar with young, successful men, because they are the most profitable bar customers,? says MM.

The attractive male bartenders cause the bar to be filled with women ? and the crowd of women, in turn, attracts men.

Both Harry Joiner and Bret Cooper nailed it in their comments responding to my post.

?Assuming you want a large clientele who spend big bucks, I?d say you need hunky young men,? says Brett. ?Guys, particularly young guys, buy most of the drinks. They don?t go to bars to pick up female bartenders. They go to pick up female patrons. Hunky bartenders ensure more female repeat customers who in turn draw more paying men.?

The point is that in almost every business, there are a few success principles that are known to people who are in the business ? but are invisible to everyone else.

And usually, these success principles are counter-intuitive — the opposite of what common sense and intelligence would predict.


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