Are You a “Marketing Theoretician”?

A marketing theoretician is a blogger, author, or speaker who writes and speaks about marketing, but doesn’t actually DO marketing.

My advice is to read books and blogs and attend seminars and webinars by people who are marketing practitioners — actually doing marketing in the real world — either planning and writing campaigns, or marketing their own products.

I would also advise you to AVOID reading books and attending lectures by marketing theoreticians.


Marketing, unlike physics, is not a subject in which theory is particularly valuable: often, what a theoretician thinks will work and says will work … does NOT in fact actually work.

Conversely, marketing campaigns that theoreticians would grade a D or F often pull like gangbusters in the real world.

So let me ask, fellow marketing bloggers, speakers, and authors ….

Are you a marketing theoretician or a marketing practitioner — or both?

Whom do you read and listen to — theoreticians or practitioners — and why?


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