Does Writing E-Books Pay?

I publish and sell e-books for fun and profit, and I usually hire freelancers to write them for me.

My questions are:

1–If you are a freelance writer, what do you get to ghostwrite an e-book. Is it worth the effort?

2–If you are an Internet marketer like  me, how much do you pay your writers? Do you think that’s a fair wage for all the work involved?

3–If you self-publish your e-books to Kindle or other platforms, does it pay off for you economically?


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  • I am not a freelancer. Right now I just comment on a few blogs that are of interest to me. But one of the blogs that I follow is a man named Seth Godin who has partnered with Amazon to develop a new method of selling e-books. The book is offered for free to build up a customer base (and an Amazon rating) at which time the free book is no longer available and you have to pay after that. The first phase is like advertising and the second phase is sales. This makes sense because the physical book does not have to be paid for, only the writing and editing and typesetting. the link is: . I don’t know if he is making money and I don’t know what Amazon’s pound of flesh is. You may want to look at it.

  • The most valuable thing a ghostwriter can earn (other than money) is knowledge. Let say, if I am your ghostwriter, I can learn from you. 🙂

  • First, I’d like to personally thank you Mr. Bly for chapter eight in How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit, as it tells anyone how to pursue the E-book publishing process.
    Being a novice at this, I still want total control of my e-book; maybe in the future, that will change. I’ve always had a hard time delegating.
    If I do outsource to a ghostwriter, I think I would prefer to offer a flat-rate fee as opposed to any type of royalty share.

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  • Sites like Elance and Guru always have postings for ebook ghostwriting, but they typically are offering rates like $75 for 30 single-spaced pages. I’m not sure to whom a project like that is worth the effort.

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