How Do You Spend Your Day?

According to an article in Business Week Small Biz (12/09, p. 54), average entrepreneurs spend their days as follows:

>> Interruptions and recovery time — 28%.
>> Creation of productive content — 25%.
>> Meetings — 20%.
>> Information searches — 15%,
>> Thought and reflection — 12%.

I think my day looks more like this:

>> Creation of productive content — 55%.
>> Thought and reflection — 15%.
>> Meetings — 10%.
>> Information searches — 10%.
>> Interruptions and recovery — 10%.

How does YOUR day break down?


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  • Today and recent
    >>Creation of productive content – 30%
    >>Thought and Reflection – 25%
    >>Meetings – 5%
    >>Information Searches – 15%
    >>Interruptions and Recovery – 25%

    This time last year and previous
    >>Creation of productive content – 50%
    >>Thought and Reflection – 15%
    >>Meetings – 5%
    >>Information Searches – 15%
    >>Interruptions and Recovery – 15%

  • I maintain several websites and am in school part time as well, so my time structure is a bit different now than it was a few months ago, but right now it looks sort of like this:

    Creation of productive content — 30%.
    Thought and reflection — 30%.
    Meetings — 0%.
    Information searches — 30%.
    Interruptions and recovery — 10%.

  • I’d like to get to the point of 50% product creation every day. That’s probably why you’ve been so prolific in producing so much content, Bob!

    I’ve been more of a “throw-myself-into-a-project” kind of guy, which means there will be some weeks when I’m 90% product creation, but those weeks come once every month or two.

    Coach Donnelly

  • Creation of productive content – 30%
    Thought and reflection – 20%
    Meetings – 15%
    Information searches – 20%
    Interruptions and recovery – 15%

    I’m not sure to what extent my productive time and my thought/reflection time overlap, because I tend to write in my head while doing other things….

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  • As a freelance direct marketing copywriter, if I’m not producing, I’m not getting paid. Here’s my breakdown:

    Creation of productive content — 45%.
    Thought and reflection — 20%.
    Meetings — 0%.
    Information searches — 10%.
    Interruptions and recovery — 25%. (I have 3 kids at home…)

  • Me, I still don’t know. LOL But I’m pretty sure that Interruptions and recovery has the highest percentage. Simply because I’m still out of focus. I need to improve my attitude towards work.

  • We can maximize the benefit of having lots of time if we only know how to expend it wisely. Otherwise, that’s a big problem for you.

    Normally, I’m spending much of my time doing nonsense things that makes me less productive.

  • Being a work at home mom and juggling work with two under-3-year-old children I would say that

    Interuptions and recovery – 40%
    Creation and productive content – 28%
    Information searches – 10%
    Thought and reflection – 16%
    Meetings – 6%

  • I don’t have sufficient hours in the day to do all the things I desire to. If you have intellectual curiosity, you’re not ever bored. People who get bored lack imagination and curiosity.

  • Everyday is nervous breakdown day for me… I should think about a career change.

    Interuptions and recovery – 60%
    Creation and productive content – 20%
    Information searches – 10%
    Thought and reflection – 5%
    Meetings – 5%

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