How Much Work is Social Media?

According to an article in Direct Marketing News (11/10, p. 14), the majority of marketers use social media, on average, 6 hours a week.

How much time do YOU spend on social media?


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  • Six hours seems low in my mind, but maybe I’m odd.

    Personally, I recently completely revamped my approach to social media because I was wasting far too much time on various sites with little or no actual benefit to my business that I could identify.

    I completely eliminated Facebook. I’d collected over 400 Friends and over 250 Fans, but nearly all of them were personal acquaintances who liked to goof off, but had no interest in my business or contacts of their own who might have interest in my business.

    I also deactivated my Twitter account and started a new one because I realized that as a newbie a year ago, I had gone about the Twitter thing all wrong and managed to collect over 600 followers, most of which couldn’t care less what I was tweeting.

    I dropped GoodReads simply because it was too much fun and I wasted a lot of time there.

    LinkedIn, I’m still on the fence about. It seems the best chance at contacting potential prospects, but I haven’t succeeded yet.

    So, pre-meltdown I spent upwards of 12 hours a week on social media. Right now, I keep Twitter and Google Reader up all the time and I’ve been making a habit of sharing interesting stories and links through both simultaneously while also tweeting my daily blog posts as well. I like the feel of it much more than the blind shotgun approach I was using before, and it only takes about 20 minutes a day.

  • Facebook can be a smart use of your time. Specially Facebook groups which can grow viral very quick.

    Twitter however is a waste of time: most accounts are dead, CTR is embarrassingly low.

    – Tyrus

  • I spend about an hour a day on social media.

    I’ve never found a good use for facebook and have mixed experience with twitter — that said, I do get a fair amount of web traffic from twitter, but I’m not sure of its value.

    I use LinkedIn more as an online resume than anything else, although the ability to ask questions is an interesting way to vet ideas.

    To me, the idea of social media isn’t “can I”, it’s “should I” relative to target audience — mine isn’t greatly online. The decision makers I need to reach remain predominately offline and continue to respond best to direct mail, phone calls, etc.

  • I usually spend approximately two hours on social media submitting some interesting articles and oter material that I like from other bloggers like yourself.

  • Hi Bob,
    I spend about 6-8 hours per week on social media. That time includes LinkedIn answers and requests, adding tweets in twitter, and reading what other people are using LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook for their business. I’ve also learned that certain keywords in twitter bring many new followers. For example, if you use the phrase “SEO” in twitter, that seems to bring a lot of new followers. I am guessing there are other keywords that trigger a lot of interest. Has anyone else had this experience?

    Thanks. Lesley Peters

  • What a great topic! I felt you found my letters and read each one out loud. I also see that opinions on the subject are like opinions everywhere: everybody has one…lol. However, it’s really helpful to see the “whys” of others’ decisions.

    Thanks much.

    Susan French
    Clinical-Medical Hypnotherapist

  • Right now I spend 10-15 hours a week on Social Media because I am learning everything I can about what it does, how to use it, and anything else I can dig up. I follow several folks who are experts and I stick to them for most of my information.

    For Twitter, I only follow business interests like copywriters, copywriting groups, software people, publishing companies, etc. Absolutely no friends! It’s a business account.

    Facebook has many of my old friends from several businesses but it is a more personal level. I do have a business page connected so I can operate that way too.

    LinkedIn is pretty great and I invite only business folks there too. It’s a good place to find contacts and research many companies.

    I still think that if you are looking for work, the traditional way of calling and sending targeted snail mail is the best….for now. But having a “social” presence and a website is important for potential clients to look at your work.

  • I think it’s easy for businesses to waste time on Twitter/Facebook etc. I’d suggest giving yourselves a set time period in which to engage in conversations etc, otherwise you might spend all your time networking and no time actually doing the work!

  • 6 hrs a week doesn’t seem like too much, although I guess it averages out at an hour or so each day during the week. I think it depends how you spend the time really. If you are getting lots from it, then you can afford to spend more time using it.

  • I use it a lot more than 6 hours, that’s for sure! I teach the use of social media for a living so I am on social networks all day for clients.

    For my own use though I would wager that I am on social networks at least 2-3 hours per day and when I’m away from my computer I am answering tweets and whatnot on my mobile.

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