Is E-Mail Old-Fashioned?

A lot of social media evangelists tell me that e-mail marketing is old school and rapidly dying.

But a 2010 study by ExactTarget found that 56% of U.S. Internet? users interact with brands only via marketing e-mails, compared to 1.3% who interact only via Twitter and 0.7% by Facebook.

And a 2010 StrongMail study found that business leaders still choose e-mail marketing as the top area of investment growth (65%)? in 2011, above social media (57%) and search engine marketing (41%).

“E-mail is still very much a heavy hitter in the online marketing game,” concludes Ali Brown, who provides the above statistics in her special report “Ezine Publishing Profits.”


15 thoughts on “Is E-Mail Old-Fashioned?

  • Saying email is old fashioned would be like saying direct mail is old fashioned…yet both are still being used for marketing.

    Why does it seem we want every method of marketing to die a horrible death I wonder?

  • Social media has a long way to go to prove itself as a strong and dependable marketing mechanism.
    I don’t agree email is dead. Snail mail is far more effective for a variety of reasons which I won’t share here.
    I say…just let the Social Media gurus enjoy their ride while they can. I’m already seeing the wind coming out of social media’s sails and yet this is happening during their infancy.

  • I think those statistics make sense. It’s easy to read the subject lines of email messages, and the email stays put till you open it. Facebook and Twitter posts disappear off the screen so fast that even if I wanted to buy something that was advertised, chances are good that I’d never see it. Email waits for you–but you almost have to camp online to catch the FB and Twitter posts. (No, I don’t have them on my phone, and I don’t want to!)

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  • Kristi makes a good point. I have tons of unopened emails from various subscriptions.

    They stay in bold text until I open it, forcing me to take action on it one way or another.

    As long as the subject line is catchy, I’ll usually give it at least a quick look.

  • Email marketing campaigns do a good job of establishing and maintaining a pattern of readership, provided the emails contains useful and interesting information above and beyond a simple sales pitch. I have clients who like to send out helpful guides, tips, etc. along with their offers. I enjoy writing those because I know they stand a good chance of being read, and possibly even welcomed, by their intended audience.

  • Even if the message is an obviously general one, when I receive an email, I feel that I’m receiving a private message. Whereas when I receive a message via facebook, linkedIn or twitter, I feel that the whole world is watching.

    Email. Social Media. Two different animals.

  • Just this morning it was announced Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen in Two and A Half Men. One of the deciding factors in choosing Sheen’s replacement was Kutcher’s number of Twitter followers — twice that of Sheen’s.

    Trivial? Perhaps. But one thing’s for sure. CBS couldn’t have made that decision by comparing the stars’ numbers of email contacts.

  • A lot of people, especially those working in offices, have restricted internet. Meaning, they can’t go through their facebook while working. I’m writing this post on the year 2011 and right now, I can say that e-mail is still in.

  • I still find email highly productive. I don’t like sending messages in Twitter because it’s so public. Just like what Customized Fat Loss said, there are several offices that have restrictions against using Facebook at work. So if this is one way of receiving emails, then I won’t be able to read the email.

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  • I wouldn’t say that email marketing is a dying technique or old-fashioned method. It has always proved that these old-school methods are the sustaining one in the marketing field. Even these statistics that are shared here also points out the same.
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