Is Paying Referral Fees Wrong?

June 14th, 2006 by Bob Bly

A colleague, MA, recently referred several potential clients to me.

When I thanked him, he said: “No need to thank me. When you do a good job for my clients, you make me look good — and that’s all the thanks I need!”

I give my clients referrals to other vendors I know and trust for the same reason MA does: to help my clients.

Tha’s why it shocks me when vendors approach me and say: “Send business to us and we’ll give you a referral fee.”

I always refuse such arrangements, for two reasons.

First, I consider it my duty to my clients to refer them to the best vendor for the job — not the one who pays me.

And second, clients come to me for objective, unbiased advice. If I am getting a kick-back from the vendor, how objective can my advice to use their services be?

So I never accept referral fees from vendors … nor do I pay fees to get referrals.

Do you agree with me that paying for referrals is wrong? Or am I missing the boat on this one?

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  1. Joel Heffner said:

    This actually reminds me of when I used to help folks create and improve Web sites…and offer Web site critiques. I stopped helping people do the Web making because I realized that if I made a suggestion for a Web site improvement and then say…I can do it…the potential client wouldn’t/shouldn’t trust me. Now that I only critique sites, I can tell a potential client it doesn’t matter to me if your site is perfect or terrible…it won’t help me either way so my critique will be objective.

    If you get paid for a referral, you should say so.


  2. Mordechai (Morty) Schiller said:

    John Kremer ( has a good approach. He has a special website where for recommendations. At the top of the page he says upfront that he gets paid a commission, but he believes they are good products and services.

    I think that’s fine. Like an affiliate program, but more full disclosure.


  3. Mordechai (Morty) Schiller said:

    Oops… Started to write “where he makes recommendations” changed it to “for recommendations” and forgot to take out the word “where”! Darn shame you can’t go back and edit these comments!


  4. Steven Pam said:

    Bob, thanks for the post.

    I agree with Morty – it’s not as simple as whether referral commissions are ‘wrong’. To an extent it probably depends on the product, but ultimately disclosure is the issue. If someone thinks that you’re referring them because the product is good, and it then transpires that you’re getting a ‘kickback’, of course – that doesn’t look good.

    But if you say something along the lines of, ‘I do get a commission for recommending these guys but I would recommend them *anyway* because they do good work’, then the referee is fully informed and there’s no damage to your reputation.

  5. AN (user) said:

    I think, that getting money is not bad by itself.

    What is really bad? If someone acts against his client’s interests to get money — that is bad.

  6. SpongeBob Fan said:

    When I have questions like these, I wonder how it would be handled by the general contractor who has worked with us on a series of home improvement projects over the past 4 years.

    Sometimes he just says, “Call so & so and tell ’em I sent you.” We make our arrangements with that person directly, and I’d be pretty surprised if there was any kickback to the contractor, but – realistically – I have no control over people’s private arrangements.

    On some projects, he just says, “You might want to do it this way….” If we like his idea, we invariably ask if he can take care of it for us. I have never had the feeling he’s trying to push anything on us, or that his advice is colored by the fact that he might actually be paid for doing the work.

    I wouldn’t ask for or pay referral fees myself. But I also don’t feel odd about recommending work to a client that I’ll end up doing … if the project is right for them. (Bob Bly once published a great one-line “Email an idea to a client” script/idea that I have used to very good effect. And that’s nothing but suggesting a project to a client.)

  7. Bob Bly said:

    Morti: I have the same “recommended” page on my site as Kremer uses, but that’s for products, like e-books and courses. I take an affiliate commission on Internet product sales, because it is standard practice to do so, and I disclose that I get commission. But on services? No. If a vendor wants to pay me a 10% finder’s fee, I tell him: “Don’t pay me the 10% … take 10% off my client’s invoice instead.” EVERYTHING I do is for the benefit of the client.

  8. Mordechai (Morty) Schiller said:


    I admire your integrity. But I’m not sure I agree with the distinction between “products” and “services.” More and more I’m coming to believe that all businesses are ultimately service businesses.

    I wouldn’t think any less of you, or trust your advice any less if you recommended a list broker and told me that you get a small commission from any business you send them.

    Still if it’s something you feel so strongly about, you shouldn’t do it. Because you’ll only hate yourself and feel you’re hurting your clients. Bad vibes!


  9. Bob McCarthy said:

    Yes Bob, I think you are missing the boat here … and maybe the dock too.

    I see nothing wrong with a referral fee or a commission. What if someone sends you a gift card to thank you for your referral? Is that wrong too? I don’t think so.

    We all run our businesses differently. I know you like to stay clear of anything other than the copywriting – and that’s fine. But for some people, referral fees and commissions may be a big part of what they do and how they make their living.

    Disclosure is nice but not required. If I use my designer or printer for a client’s job, I often mark up their costs. Should I be disclosing my mark-up? I don’t think so. That’s my business. My clients are always free to use their own vendors.

    I also don’t see why you make the distinction between products and services. It may be standard practice but that’s no justification. If you think it’s wrong to accept a referral fee for services, I think it should apply to products as well. These products typically offer advice which you are endorsing.

    Bob, I realize that a referral fee is typically pretty small change in relation to your service fees – and understandably not important to you – but I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn those who do accept it or even those who seek it out.

    Bob McCarthy
    McCarthy & King Marketing, Inc.
    Milford, MA

  10. Bob Bly said:

    Bob: I am not condemning you. It’s a personal choice. For me, it doesn’t work. The argument in favor of paying referral fees is that knowing where to go to get something done is valuable, and you deserve to be compensated for that knowledge. I view referrals as a free value-added to my clients, prospects, and others, helping both the person who needs a service as well as the vendor I am referring the business to.

  11. Dianna Huff said:


    I don’t charge referral or finders fees. I recommend other professionals to my clients when they need them. I don’t expect anything in return.

    I do, however, send people who refer me a small gift. For example, a woman I don’t even know (she gets my newsletter) referred me to her client, a major corporation. I will send her a Starbucks gift card and hand-written thank you note. I see nothing wrong with this. It’s not a policy I advertise, and truly, people appreciate a small token of appreciation.

    Case in point: just last week I received a box of cookies from a colleague because I referred his services to another firm. I appreciated the gesture — it showed my colleague was grateful for my thinking of him, and it showed me that he knew how to generate future business.

    Dianna Huff

  12. Bob Bly said:

    DH: I do what you do when I get a referral: send a thank-you note and a small gift, typically either a box of chocolates or an autographed copy of one of my books. I ask others not to send me gifts, though if they ignore me and do it anyway, I accept graciously. A gift is NOT the same as a fee, as you indicate: one is a polite and courteous thank you, while the other is a bribe of sorts. In my corporate life decades ago, company policy allowed us to accept small gifts from vendors at Xmas time, but these gifts could not exceed $25 in value.

  13. Susan Getgood said:

    We recently sent a nice “thank you” check to someone who referred a piece of business but it was our decision to send the check. The person who referred the business didn’t ask for anything. It was however a nice piece of business so we wanted to send a tangible thanks.

  14. Lauren Hidden said:

    Bob, this is a great topic, and one that has been on my mind lately. I belong to a referral service where I have to pay a 15% commission for a defined period of time. I consider that arrangement to be like an employment agency and I get a lot of great clients from it, so I’m happy to pay the fee. With clients or colleagues who refer others to me, I usually offer a 15% referral fee. Some accept, some refuse. Some people expect one, some people are offended. When I give a referral to someone else, I have to feel comfortable sending business to that person, regardless if they offer me any financial compensation. I’ve thought about implementing a thank you gift and note as a standard policy. Many people prefer cold, hard cash though. I don’t think either are necessarily wrong. I can tell you that my thank you notes are posted 2 feet away from me on a bulletin board and stay with me longer than a $100 referral fee.

  15. Bob Bly said:

    SG: I can see sending a check as a token of your appreciation, but not making the money a condition of giving or getting the referral.

  16. Hidden Helper » Blog Archive » Bob Bly and referral payments said:

    […] One of my Bloglines favorites is Bob Bly’s blog. Today I posted a comment to his post: “Is paying referral fees wrong?” . Basically, the question was whether being promised referral fees compromises a person’s integrity. If clients come to you for objective, unbiased advice and you are getting a kick-back from the vendor you refer to, how objective will you be? You can read my response here, but to expand on my answer on his blog, this is a topic that has been on my mind quite a bit. I’m still struggling to figure out the best course of action. I recently had a client that send a very good client my way. I thanked him profusely and offered him a finders fee for the first project. He accepted and I’m fine with that. However, that was not a condition of the referral. My CPA specializes in doing taxes for independent contractors and has saved me lots and lots of money for the past two years he’s been doing our taxes. I refer other people to him because he’s so good. He has a program that gives you a $25 discount off your taxes for each new client you bring to him. I guess the point here is you have to have the mindset that you’d give the referral even if you got nothing in return. Let’s face it, your reputation is way more important than a $25, $50, or even $100 check. I try to be flexible. Some people send me business and tell me upfront they’d like a referral fee. As long as it’s reasonable, that’s fine. Others refuse any offers of payment and just want their client to be happy. I have to admit that I respect that more. […]

  17. Lisa Taylor Huff said:

    It’s a tough call. Up until recently I never considered entering into an arrangement where others would refer clients to me with the expectation of receiving a referral fee. I don’t refer to others just to get referral fees either. Most of the referrals I get are from people who are just serving their clients and that’s enough for them. Sometimes I will do something “extra” for one of my referrers as a Thank You but in each case I determine what Thank You looks like: it might be a credit toward future services (existing web clients love this), a gift certificate to Amazon, and once I took a colleague and her husband to dinner when they were visiting my area because she really had sent me quite a lot of business and I wasn’t able to reciprocate the same level of referrals.

    On the other hand, I do think there are situations where, if both parties can set it up right, a cross-referral or a fee-based referral situation could work out very well for both, without there being ANY ethical dilemma… as long as you really sincerely believe the other person is offering a quality product or service that will be helpful to someone else. And let’s face it, if you can find the right referral partner and it helps you build your business, AND the clients are getting what they need, then who is being hurt by that?

    So, while I don’t – and won’t – accept referrals from people who “expect” to be paid, I am open to coming up with some sort of “thank you” arrangement if someone takes the time to send me some business. I think it’s only polite, if nothing else.

  18. Robin J. Elliott said:

    Hi Bob
    After 19 years in business, I insist on paying referral fees and getting paid. It works well for me and I truly believe that people appreciate what thy pay for and that ultimately in a Capitalist society we should be rewarded for the value we create. Every siuccessful Joint Venture I have been involved in has been based on a firm foundation of generous reciprocity. People lave a fortune on the table when they’re too weak witted or timid to demand compensation. When they realize that they justify their position. Pay and get paid, is what I say.

  19. Chris Gregory said:

    Greetings from London, England!

    I agree with Bob’s original post: how objective can one’s recommendations be if they’re ‘colored’ by the promise of a fee?

    If you’re going to make vendor recommendations where you’ll get a fee for doing so, then the least you can do is make it clear at the time that you’ve got a financial stake in whose services (and products) you put forward.

    I take no fees from any vendors I recommend — and make this clear to clients at all times. I’m sure that’s one reason why they value my input, and why I get so much word-of-mouth business.

    Chris Gregory

  20. carlos on web said:

    The ideas here are certainly helpful.

    I have just started a new software development company ( again 😉 ) in the Philippines. We do have people who come to us and are excited to refer us some potential clients. In the past, I did give referral fees as a way of saying thank you.

  21. Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer said:

    The best way to say “Thank you” is with a check.

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  23. Tina said:

    I just happened upon this while trying to search for info about referral fees. My husband and I own a very small custom cabinet shop and have recently agreed to accept referrals for residential work from another cabinet shop in town that only does commercial work. At first we were just happy to get the work, however it is now wearing on us and we are debating tonight about whether we will continue. Some of the problems with this set up are the following: 1) Price increases to customer as the fee must be addeded into the job. 2) The company referring our company is only doing it for the money, they don’t care who they refer if they will pay. 3)Generally the referral is just a person calling in from the phone book and they happen to be in the #1 position.
    We actually refer other trades that we know do exceptional work and would never ask nor take a referral fee from them. This is our way of taking care of our customer base.

    So in short I agree with Bob, however when you are trying to make it in business a referral sure helps pay the bills…even if there is a fee.

  24. Rebecca Toering said:

    Do you have to be licensed at all to get a referral fee? How about an agreement between friends? Fee is so minimal and just for a short time.

  25. Ryan Gotham said:

    It’s been explained to me by a former FBI agent that the difference between a kickback (illegal) and a referral fee is that the referral fee is disclosed to the idividual who is ultimately going to pay the bill. ie; if a homebuilder pays a referral fee to a real estate to be recommended to the homebuyer to build a house then that fee should be dislosed to the homebuyer or it is a kickback.

  26. Robert said:

    I believe it depends on the type of business we are in if we are going to take a referral fee. I take referral fees. But, more than not, I fully disclose the referral fee. It depends on the situation. If it is a product or a service I am referring, I don’t care how great the fee is I will not refer a client of mine to a product or service unless I am familiar with it and trust it, unless they want to do it after we have discussed the marginalities. Nor will I take on a client–regardless what the fee may be–if I feel I may not be able to perform to the client’s satisfaction.
    Another thing we must consider is how much time we have spent with the client to get the client to a point where we will need to refer them and what value we have added to the situation. In any event, this subject is not always black or white. There are grey areas and then our own integrity and conscience must be the final determinant. In my industry I have been offered major fees to pass my judgment on situations and have always refused them when they don’t pass the acid test of my conscience and level of integrity. I give advice free that is worth thousands of dollars in each event and pass on the client to the right party or get them on the right track and in some events even refuse a fee for my time and advice. But, really, I believe we all know when it is unconscionable or improper to take a referral fee–think about it.

    Here is a nice email from one of my customers: Hi Bob, I just wanted to touch base with you and give you a bit of good news. In the past week, two individuals that have visited your website and clicked on my link have contacted me for business plans and have turned into complete sales today. As I mentioned before I had a few prospects contact me via your website, but these are the first two confirmed sales, so THANK YOU! I’m glad I have the opportunity to be listed on your site–you’ll be getting a special Christmas gift this year! Talk to you soon, RW

    The wine was very good!

  27. Selmore said:

    To me, the main question here is this:

    Will the business receiving the referral pass that cost on to the customer or are they willing to take that business at the “discount?”

    If my customer is being charged more for my fee, I wouldn’t fo it.

    discount meaning net of fee to me.

    My guess is that they will gladly take incremental business and pay me a fee for the business I bring them. If they won’t I’ll find someone who will.

    My baby needs shoes!

  28. Jason said:

    What about if there are two individuals in the same profession but one cannot be booked on the day that the client needs etc. I would think a referral fee is adequate since they obviously believe the other person is capable of servicing the client and has done some of the lead work. They almost are like and extended employee then I would think.

  29. Steve said:

    Nonsense. Referral fee and kickback are two very different things entirely. I see no way in which a referral fee makes you lose objectivity. No one in their right mind will refer a client to someone that they know will do a poor job, even for a referral fee, because they will lose the client. No one in their right mind would do a poor job on referred business just because they are giving a referral fee. If markets are competitive, referral fees are just a way of giving part of the value to the person that gave value to you, as if they were your client. Think of it as a partnership. One partner does the work and gets 80%, the other partner got the client and got 20% as referral fee.

  30. Steve said:

    I believe that those that believe that a referral fee will cloud their judgement, are really folks that are rather subjective in the first place and do not have a strong set of values in their heart. If you know the difference between right and wrong you will never refer someone knowing that they are not the best for your client.

  31. TC said:

    Referral fees and finders fees are compensation for participation in helping to sell a product or service. If the end client knows you are operating in sales mode, then recommending a supplier for a referral fee is no more problematic than accepting any other sales commission payment.

    However if you are already being paid by the client for services that include advising on suppliers, then you should not also accept referral fees. You may feel your judgment will not be clouded but it probably will be. If, as a paid advisor, you not only accept referral fees but also fail to disclose that fact to the client, you’re doubly in the wrong.

    By ensuring that your clients understand when you are selling and when you are delivering, you maintain your integrity, build trust, collect (some) referral fees, and can still sleep at night.

  32. E. Brainard said:

    Pretty interesting replies.
    But here’s a new twist; what do you all think about an affiliate business
    demanding that you give them a job in question, so they can maintain their edge in a market that we helped create for them?
    I suggested a referral, they got offended, but agreed to pay.

    The reason we got the call was based on an old relationship who know our experience, which was also used to develop the second firms technology.
    I’m inclined to not accept the referral but feel bullied into giving up some serious bank and may never see this client again either.

    What do you think?

  33. Andrew said:

    There’s nothing at all wrong with referral fees, as long as it results in a win for everyone involved. If there’s a conflict of interest somewhere, then it starts becoming unethical.

  34. ryan said:

    I have a former business partner who runs a competing company. We gave him a referral fee the first time he sent business our way as a thank you. Now, we have an agreement that we give him the fee on new customers. And I just got an email from him asking for a referral on repeat business. I said no, that now it’s our reputation and work that they are basing the decision on, and he’s decided not to send more referrals our way since he can’t make money the second or third time. Thoughts?

  35. Shelly said:

    I give referrals almost everyday to people and I never expect anything in return. My satisfaction is that I helped someone by passing their name on to someone I fully trust to get the job done right and in a professional manner. If someone was giving me tons of referrals and I was making a good living from those referrals, I would feel obligated to do something nice for the person be it a gift or some money.
    But what happens when it’s your best friend who gives you a referral and at the last minute tells you they was a referral fee?? How should that be handled?

  36. Rick John said:

    To me it’s simple. You would have not gotten the business if it weren’t for the referral so give the person who referred the business to you a gift (money is usually best). People are so selfish… In most of your defense though, I grew up with a single mother and poor so I am more appreciative than most.

  37. Michael Keough said:

    At we give referral fees, and our take on it is not that we are bribing or manipulating people to choose our service but rather if people are going to do the leg work to promote our products, their time is worth something. Also I don’t really think people will promote the product if the think its a “Lemon” that just hurts their own reputation. Just my thoughts on the matter though.

  38. Laura Kenney said:

    I agree with Michael. We offer referral fees not as coercion, but as a business to business tool. If someone believes in us so much as to recommend us to their own client, it will never be because of a small referral fee, but because they feel recommending us will strengthen their relationship with their existing client. After all, a small fee never outweighs the long-term relationship with an existing client. The referral fee is a show of gratitude for the advertising that other businesses do on our behalf. We value it and we feel it is worth something. Many of our contacts refuse the referral fee, which we respect as well and we never expect one in return. To us it is a personal decision and we trust it is appreciated by those that receive it. Many times our referrals come from other professionals that have exhausted all of their resources trying to solve a problem. They come to us for the sake of their client,even though they know that once we solve the problem, the client will no longer need future services. That deserves compensation.

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  44. Errand Boys said:

    This is interesting, I felt the same way as you did Bob regarding referral fees when I first started my business. I would simply refer someone who called me via my marketing expenses to someone who could do the job for them. Due to the structure of my business it seemed like I was providing more referrals to other businesses then I was getting back. This started to eat up my precious time as well and in business time is money. Eventually it got to the point where I had to ask myself, is this a business or a charity? You shouldn’t get any bad vibe by taking a referral fee. Your making money for someone else for a small fee and if you think about it. If you could fill your schedule with work all day all week for a small fee, wouldn’t you be willing to pay? It would fall under marketing expenses anyway. Think of it like running a newspaper add. You’re paying the newspaper to find you referrals but they don’t even guarantee you referrals. Select a referral fee you would be comfortable with and run with it. You can even put a cap on it not exceed this amount if you don’t feel comfortable taking 10% of a 20,000 job. I know I would feel comfortable taking 2,000 of a 20,000 job. More like 200.00 would be okay with me. Just food for thought. Good Luck!

  45. Errand Boys said:

    Sorry, meant to say I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking 2,000 of a 20,000 job.

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  48. Gillian said:

    I pay a referral fee to one of my contacts as it was a request. I do not find it a healthy way to do business as it gets in the way of the ultimate goal and concern “the client” I so struggle with this and would love to hear different incentives that people have used


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