Is writing this book a waste of time?

August 6th, 2014 by Bob Bly

Anne Fernald, an English professor at Fordham, has spent 10 years — that’s right, a full decade — working on a scholarly edition of the Virginia Woolf novel “Mrs. Dalloway” … and she’s not even done yet.

Mind you, she’s not writing a novel. Virginia Wolf wrote it in 1925. All she is doing is annotating it with footnotes.

When I read about this in the 3/31/14 issue of The Christian Science Monitor, I had 2 immediate reactions.

First, 10 years to annotate an already written book? Seriously?

And second, who on the planet aside from a few scholars and Woolfaholics would read what sounds to be a really boring book like that?

I ask because there is a broader question: With so many books on just about every conceivable topic under the sun already out, should you and I even bother to write yet another book on one of these subjects?

For instance, it almost causes me physical pain when someone sends me a new marketing book with a request to review … because I know without looking that, with rare exception, it’s just the same old thing already done to the death in hundreds of other books.


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3 responses about “Is writing this book a waste of time?”

  1. Dorian Wodners said:

    Writers often hesitate about the assessment of their stories, articles, etc. I always encourage my colleagues from writers’ house that they shouldn’t think about writing as a waste of time. That’s not so, of course. Every paper is a unique communication tool with a reader.

  2. jack said:

    awesome read. there r still some people who prefer books over kindle.

  3. nancy said:

    i will keep writing books until i die. read more here:

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