Marketing Professional Services on LinkedIn

For an article I am writing, I would like to hear of your experience marketing professional services on LinkedIn.


1. HOW do you use LinkedIn to promote yourself? What tactics are successful?

2. What is your goal? To build relationships? Or do you actually produce leads and sales on LinkedIn?



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  • Hi Bob:

    1. I use the “update” feature about once a week to mention a success or efficiency tip that I think would help my connections. I also use it to link to new blog posts of mine when I post (once or twice a month). I’ve been doing this periodically for a few months. Once or twice I have sent an email to all my contacts about a seminar or program I’m doing. Because I consider “success” the acquisition of business from current or potential customers, I would not consider what I’m doing on LinkedIn to be successful.

    2. My goal is ultimately to increase business from existing customers and to gain new clients, as well. It’s relationship-building (providing useful content to current and prospective clients) that I’m after as I see that as leading to increased revenue. To be fair, people tend to use my services when there’s a need, so maintaining steady contact may be “working” in the sense that it reminds people that I’m available at a time when they need me.

  • There are several ways to use LinkedIn to market professional services.

    At a minimum, you need to have a complete LinkedIn profile for yourself and your company that reflects your skills, experience, and which contains recommendations. I have noticed many times that before/after I meet a client, they will visit my LinkedIn profile to check me out.

    You should expand your LinkedIn network as much as possible to be able to obtain introductions to new clients through people in your network. It’s much easier to get your foot in the door when you already know someone in your target company or they know someone who knows you.

    You can use LinkedIn Groups (and even create your own) to establish expertise in your target markets. You can also answer LinkedIn Questions for the same purpose.

    You can link your LinkedIn profile to your website, blog, Twitter feed, SlideShare presentations, etc. to keep potential clients updated on your activities, share useful information, build credibility, and attract positive attention to yourself and your firm.

    You can follow your existing or potential customer to keep on top of personnel changes and news concerning those companies.

    You can use also LinkedIn to find potential new employees for your firm.

    The goal is to develop new relationships, identify new customers and new leads, and to improve your close percentage by establishing yourself as an pre-qualified industry expert.

  • Well, a lot of people have found me through LinkedIn. I’m really happy someone came up with this website so it’s been very helpful to those who are working on the internet. I think this is a great way for marketing yourself!

    – Jack Leak

  • I’ve found some work through the LinkedIn jobs feature. It was with a crazy client but I’m optimistic I’ll find some more work through it. I link to blogs, etc. through my profile and this keeps me in front of clients. It’s difficult to calculate ROI.

    People I don’t especially like often contact me to get linked up…which is NOT nice!

  • A few years ago I opened two accounts on LinkedIn,a personal John Howlett and business Avizagroup (My advertising and marketing consulting service) I joined a lot of groups and participated in many conversations. No business ever came of this effort. After about 15 months I walked away from it. In fairness, I was expecting too much, from this one marketing tool.
    After reading many of your articles (I have always admired your clear writing) on your blog and the comments made on these articles.It reminded me of what I always told clients and staff of my advertising agency. It is not one thing but the combination of a well thought out plan. It’s tradition,digital,speaking,writing, non-profits,involvement,boards generally just being out there.
    Every salesperson knows it’s about building relationships.Add to that fact,the average sale takes seven exposures to make the sale. LinkedIn it just one of the easy ways to make contact.

  • I post my latest trade magazine articles in the groups I belong to and get involved in discussions on subject matter I know about.

    I have found most people are on there are not “hitters”, meaning they have no clients or nothing better but to share their insights.

    Sort of like a bunch of soldiers with no weaponry and no mission sitting around talking about the art of war and their expertise. Cannot say I have ever met a potential client whether it was discussions or per clicks ads (and I write pretty strong headlines)

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