Marketing Rules

Does everything in marketing come down to the subjective opinion of the marketer?

Or are there hard and fast rules or axioms in marketing that should always be obeyed?

If the latter, can you tell me a marketing axiom that guides you in your business — and maybe give me an example of how it worked for you?


Full disclosure: I am asking you this question as research for a book I am writing on (what else?) marketing. I won’t use your name in the book unless you permit me to.



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  • I have only been trying to write professionally for a few months, but I still have ideas about marketing that I’ve drawn from my experiences in sales and as a consumer.
    1. I think quantity of marketing is what gets consumers to try you. The quality is what keeps them coming back. But personally, If I’m inundated with bad marketing I’m not going to try the service unless I’m in desperate need of it. However, I might not be typical. A lot of companies with annoying ads seem to be very popular.
    2. The style or mode of marketing that is best for you is the type you are willing to do. If you use Twitter because everyone says to, but you hate it, then you may come across as artificial or even mean.

  • • Increase the quantity and quality of your leads
    • Track, measure, & analyze for true ROI
    • Stretch your marketing dollars

  • Here are a few I keep in mind…

    1. Market to want, not need
    2. Tell stories (outcomes) that people want for their lives
    3. Never underestimate the power of the crowd. Jump on the buzz train no one wants to be left without what they perceive the “Jones” to have

  • Marketing is the cutting edge of business. Rules relating to marketing must be understood by the company. For example, knowing your target market and the rules of the game because in the one with the other rules will be different, to know the competitors in order to be healthy competition. And always keep the trust of customers

  • Thanks, Bob! Well, marketing is all about delighting the customers. Customer is king, and one should pay attention to customers – no matter what. And then, a satisfied customer will do the rest for the business, through positive word of mouth marketing.

  • I really like getting the letters, but please don’t go telling folks they are going to obtain about 1 a week. I have been lucky for getting an individual a month. You need to do a little better than that….or halt the pinocchio stories at the quite least. If 1 a month is what it is, then that’s what it is.

  • A thing I’ve had to think about is to remember to consider overseas audiences. Some audiences on twitter, e.g. the Japanese or Korean, with millions of fans. Obviously there are roadblocks where admins do not communicate in their audience’s language. But think about it: just one part-time pass by the translator could add an extra 50,000 customers. Wouldn’t that be worth it?

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