Marketing with Content: More than Writing an Article

Every guru says that content is the key to effective online marketing.

So you write an article or two. Nothing happens. And you wrongly conclude that content marketing doesn’t work.

The problem is that marketing with content, deceptively simple on the surface, is a little more involved underneath.

You have to know a bunch of things like: what kind of articles to write … what length articles to write … when to publish them … where to post them … where NOT to post them … what key words to incorporate into your articles … recycling and repurposing content … marketing with press releases — and many other details that seem niggling but are vitally important.

The solution is to attend a 2-day teleseminar called “Content 2.0: The Missing Piece in the Internet Puzzle to Traffic, Leads, and Sales.”

In this event, you will learn the techniques and methods that can enable your content to generate more traffic, raise your search engine rankings, and direct a flood of new prospects to your site — all on a shoestring budget.

For more information on our upcoming “Content 2.0” tele-seminar … or to register for just $19 … visit:


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