The Easiest Marketing Task in the World

What’s the easiest marketing task in the world?

It’s putting up a web site that looks pretty and reads well — but doesn’t have to sell anything or generate any other kind of measurable response.

I know, because the most common call I get as a copywriter is this: “We put up a web site and everybody says how great it looks, but we aren’t getting any sales. Help!”

It may be that I am envious of general marketers that don’t have to produce results. If they put up a web site that’s aesthetically pleasing, and that the client praises, they are the hero.

As a direct response copywriter, if I don’t increase the conversion rate of my client’s web site or landing page, I am the goat.

Do you agree with me that creating direct marketing is more difficult and takes more skill than general marketing?


879 thoughts on “The Easiest Marketing Task in the World

  • There are other metrics for a web site. If you find out that you’re getting fewer support calls because customers are getting answers from the documentation on the web site, that’s a goal accomplished right there.

    Here’s my nominee for easiest marketing task in the world: getting tons of terrible, unqualified leads by giving away T-shirts or running a contest for people who have no interest in your product category.

  • By general marketing, I think you mean ‘branding’ marketing where the company is trying to create an image and the agency is trying to:

    a. Win prizes based on what other ‘creatives’ think of their work
    b. Spend as much of the client’s money as possible
    c. Avoid being accountable

    Creating direct marketing is much easier PROVIDED the client understands and wants direct response advertising. However, if the client thinks direct response is crass and wants to create an image, then it’s time to move on to another client.

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