The Village of the Damned

A few months ago I sold my car to my oldest son.

When we went to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), I had to
stand in line for more than 2 hours.

It gave me an idea to film a documentary about the DMV which I
would title “Village of the Damned.”

If evil people are in fact sent to Hell, I envision that it is
not a burning inferno — but rather a DMV where you stand in a
line that never moves … forever.

But it’s not just the motorists who are tortured at the DMV. It’s
also the workers.

The clerk who served me said, “We have had huge lines the entire

I asked, “Is that unusual?”

She replied, “No, the lines are huge the whole day every day.”

And to serve the people in line, they perform the same
mind-numbing rote tasks over and over, again and again.

To me — and I am guessing to you do — this would be pure

Above all else, it is boring beyond description.

And — rightly or wrongly — I have designed my life, above all
else, to avoid jobs and tasks that bore me.

I hate being bored more than almost anything else. Boredom is my

Other than the health and happiness of my family, and helping my
clients achieve their goals, avoiding boredom has been the
driving force of my life.

For instance:

>> I don’t volunteer for committees; I find them a thundering
bore and an enormous time-suck.

>> I don’t do household repair or chores. I hire people to do
them for us. Assembling a piece of store-bought furniture can
quickly put me into a coma. I hire Larry the handyman instead.

>> I have a full-time employee, a CPA, and a bookkeeper who
handle the administrative tasks and paperwork of my business —
freeing me to devote almost all of my time to my core activity of

>> I don’t take on projects that bore me or even those that don’t
excite me, because I write my best copy when I am enthusiastic
about the client, the product, and the project.

Now, I admit some of you might find my behavior selfish or even
repugnant in its selfishness.

But as Popeye says, I am what I am. And I am a guy whose
nightmare is being bored at work, at social gatherings, and at
all other times.

That’s why I became a writer: I love writing, thinking, research,
reading, and books to an extreme.

And if that makes me a bad person, I can live with that. Although
I actually do not think it does make me a bad person.

In fact, I strive to be a good person, and I think I achieve that
for the majority of my activities and relationships.

Some of my subscribers may agree and others not. You can’t please


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