tracking direct response in the blogosphere??

I am new to the blogosphere. I am intrigued by its ability to hit a target audience. The company I work for tracks calls generated by advertisement….I think this tool will help bloggers explode with success. check us out at


727 thoughts on “tracking direct response in the blogosphere??

  • I used to be a call center worker (read: telemarketer). This would have helped there…but online…I don’t need the phone, I don’t use the phone, and I go nuts every time it rings. Can you explain how you think this is useful to bloggers? I’m being dense, I suppose. It’s my inherent desire to avoid the phone, I think. When I went through the demo, it was not as intuitive as the company probably thinks it is…which is pretty standard with these things. Even so, you are someone I trust in this area, so I have to believe you’re on to something, and that I should try to understand it better. Would you recommend I do the demo with a sales person to get a better understanding? Or, can you go into more detail? Thanks.

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