Trojan Needs Protection (from Bad Reviews)

October 11th, 2012 by Bob Bly

DM News, a marketing trade publication, criticized Trojan this month for not integrating social media into one of its promotional campaigns.

“The Trojan brand hasn’t tweeted in more than a year” said DM News, apparently in shock.

Maybe Trojan hasn’t tweeted for a year because they have better things to do than social media — like investing their time in marketing that actually generates a positive ROI.


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10 responses about “Trojan Needs Protection (from Bad Reviews)”

  1. Kent said:

    You are correct. The world is TOO PASSION into social media and not companies, products, etc need social media.

  2. Kerry said:

    I love what you and Kent wrote about Social Media. It sort of boils down to “All passion…no progress.”

  3. Kelja said:

    Short Facebook

  4. HTET Result 2014 said:

    You happen to be correct. The world is actually TOO PASSION into social websites and not businesses, products, etc need social websites.

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