Want to Get Rich Writing?

By now almost everyone knows how Stephen King wrote his stories and novels while living in poverty in a trailer on a hill in Maine, with a typewriter propped up on his knees as he sat in the space next to the boiler.

According to Parade magazine, King earned $52.4 million last year.

But before you decide to get rich writing novels, talk to Lance Marcum, whose first novel, ?The Cottonmouth Club,? was recently published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

In an interview with Writer?s Digest (August 2005, p. 17), Marcum said: ?For nearly four years, I spent every available moment writing, sacrificing more than 4,000 hours of free time.?

Based on that labor, his earnings on the book so far come to a measly $1.50 per hour — far below minimum wage.

Only a few folks get rich writing novels. Most novelists can?t even make a living.


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