What I Won’t and Will Do for Free for You

Every day readers contact me and ask for favors for which they do not want to pay me.

If you are one, here?s what I won?t and will do for you for free:

1?I won?t look at your web site and give you my comments or thoughts.

2?I will briefly reply personally (not an auto-responder or an assistant, but me) to any e-mail that logically seeks or requires a response.

3?I won?t read your sales letter, resume, or other copy you have written.

4?I won?t have lunch or coffee with you. (Amazing how many people expect me to give up over a thousand dollars worth of my billable time in exchange for buying me a grilled cheese sandwich.)

5?I will answer brief questions via phone or e-mail at no charge.

6?I won?t give you a free copy of one of my books or products because you plead hardship, unless you send me papers proving you have filed bankruptcy ? in which case I will.

7?I will refer you to qualified experts or vendors who can provide services you may need ? again at no charge (I accept no referral fee).

8?I won?t read or review your book or e-book manuscript. I want to (I love to read and collect books), but I simply do not have the time.

9?I won?t speak at or come to your club or organization?s meeting.

10?I will allow you to reprint some of my content on your site or elsewhere at no charge, as long as you credit me as the source and include a link to my web site.

11–I am highly unlikely to promote you or your product to my list unless I know you or you were referred to me by someone I know and trust.

12–I will politely decline your kind invitation to visit you at your home and hang out when I am in your state, as I almost never travel and therefore am unlikely to ever be in your state.


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