What stage is your Internet marketing business at?

In my view, Internet businesses fall into one of the following 6 levels:

** The first level is the ?getting ready to start? phase.

This is where you are spending an inordinate amount of time and money buying and studying Internet marketing courses ? but you aren?t actually selling anything online yet.

** In level 2, you dip your toe in the water. You take some actions that let you generate a few sales online.

The volume and dollar amount of these sales is small ? just a few extra dollars in your pocket each week.

** At level 3, you start making a modest number of sales on a steady basis, and your online revenues are a thousand dollars a month.

You?re not getting rich at this level. But to most of us, an extra twelve grand a year isn?t chickenfeed.

In essence, you have a highly profitable hobby. You are having fun and making money in your spare time.

** Your business builds until you reach level 4, which I define as a thousand dollars a week or more.

That translates into around $50,000 a year, a significant, though not life-changing, amount of money for most Americans.

At level 4, you can earn, working an hour or two a day, more than the average American makes in a year at a full-time job.

** At level 5, we go from a thousand dollars a week to a thousand dollars a day.

At level 5, your Internet business is making you well over $300,000 a year in passive income ? in the ballpark of what the President of the United States makes.

And you have reached the enviable position of being able to quit your job if you so desire ? because you make enough money on the Internet to support your family in a comfortable lifestyle.

** Level 6 is when your Internet marketing business grosses a million dollars a year or more. At level 6, you are starting to become rich, not just ?comfortable? or well off.

Which level are you at? And what level do you aspire to?


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