What stage is your Internet marketing business at?

December 1st, 2009 by Bob Bly

In my view, Internet businesses fall into one of the following 6 levels:

** The first level is the ?getting ready to start? phase.

This is where you are spending an inordinate amount of time and money buying and studying Internet marketing courses ? but you aren?t actually selling anything online yet.

** In level 2, you dip your toe in the water. You take some actions that let you generate a few sales online.

The volume and dollar amount of these sales is small ? just a few extra dollars in your pocket each week.

** At level 3, you start making a modest number of sales on a steady basis, and your online revenues are a thousand dollars a month.

You?re not getting rich at this level. But to most of us, an extra twelve grand a year isn?t chickenfeed.

In essence, you have a highly profitable hobby. You are having fun and making money in your spare time.

** Your business builds until you reach level 4, which I define as a thousand dollars a week or more.

That translates into around $50,000 a year, a significant, though not life-changing, amount of money for most Americans.

At level 4, you can earn, working an hour or two a day, more than the average American makes in a year at a full-time job.

** At level 5, we go from a thousand dollars a week to a thousand dollars a day.

At level 5, your Internet business is making you well over $300,000 a year in passive income ? in the ballpark of what the President of the United States makes.

And you have reached the enviable position of being able to quit your job if you so desire ? because you make enough money on the Internet to support your family in a comfortable lifestyle.

** Level 6 is when your Internet marketing business grosses a million dollars a year or more. At level 6, you are starting to become rich, not just ?comfortable? or well off.

Which level are you at? And what level do you aspire to?


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  2. Stephan F- said:

    How is $50,000/yr not life changing? The average person makes only $42k/yr. Making more then that in a hobby business means you can quit your job and do something with your life.
    BTW I am at L1 though I have a blog and am creating a product.

  3. Marc said:

    I’m at level 3. Feels like I busted my butt to get here as I learned web development, search engine optimization and getting better at copywriting.

    Incidentally, this level is actually enough for me to scrape by and support myself since I’m still in college. If I double what I make now, it’ll be the equivalent of an entry level job.

    For now I aspire to level 5. I’m diehard about increasing my income but maintaining a high level of time freedom. The goal is business ownership (i.e. not the business owning me).

    If I can automate the processes necessary to achieve level 6, then I’m all for it. If it cuts too much into time freedom then nope. You can make more money but you can’t make more time.

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  6. Kristi Daniels said:

    I’m at level 6, but aspire to level 8 or 9.

    Joe Vitale says he wants to be the world’s first trillionaire.

    I don’t know if I want that, but surely there has to be something after level 6?

    -Kristi Daniels

  7. Dennis K. said:

    do “non information based internet businesses count? if so I have a few that are level 6 and beyond. Dont think that they have the same super high margins as the info internet businesses!

  8. Harrison Stuart said:

    I certainly believe that I’m still at the phase/level 1 of my internet business. But, I haven’t spend any amount of money just to learn about it. Just simply rely on free stuffs, but of course, most of these free materials don’t really discuss everything clearly, that’s why I’m still at lost.

  9. Jessie Jacob said:

    Currently at level 1. I need to learn more about the process to start and to be successful in internet business. Now, I still need to focus more on my schedule since I’m currently working while going freelancing.

  10. weekendje weg bungalow said:

    I am happy to say since last month I am at level 4. And te be honest…it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. So up to level 5!

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