What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

In the movie ?Armageddon,? a giant asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and when it hits, the impact will annihilate everything on the planet.

The government?s solution?

Send a team of drilling experts up into outer space to land on the asteroid.

Their mission: drill a deep hole into its core, drop an atom bomb down the hole, and detonate it, blowing the asteroid to smithereens.

Only problem is, Bruce Willis, the leader of the drill team, thinks the chances of success are slim.

?What?s your back-up plan?? he asks Billy Bob Thorton, his NASA liaison.

?Back-up plan?? Thorton. ?There?s no back-up plan. This is the only plan we have.?

Most of us are like Billy Bob, in that ? in business, career, and life ? we have no back up plan.

But we should.

None of these guys had a back-up plan:

** AH went into computer programming in the 1980s when it was a booming profession, and was quickly earning a six-figure salary. Within a few years, his job got outsourced to India, and the salary he was offered for another IT job was less than half his current pay.

** PM worked as a manager for a local family-owned business. One day the boss called him in and said: ?Times are tough, and to keep you, I have to reduce your salary by 40%. I know you?ll understand.? PM quit the next day.

** HR had a comfortable job as a hospital administrator until he was downsized. To his amazement, he found himself unqualified for any other work ? and after months of fruitless job searching, had to raise cash to live on by selling off his prized collection of antiquarian books.

** DM earned a decent living as a woodworker. But the constant exposure to sawdust and varnish was making him sick, to the point where he could not continue to earn a living in the only profession he was trained for.

** BD spent months developing a piece of software that was going to revolutionize the Internet marketing world and make him rich in the process. Last month, Google announced they were offering virtually the same software ? for free.

Most of us think bad things can never happen ? or that they only happen to ?the other guy.?

But what happens when we become ? ?the other guy??

You ? and I ? need a ?back-up plan.?

This could be:

1. Buying income-producing real-estate and other appreciating assets. Invest prudently and build your net worth to the point where you can live off your real estate and other investments.

2. Learn a second skill or profession. DM learned copywriting and today earns $400,000 a year as a freelance copywriter.

3. Create and sell a line of products ? anything from candles and perfume to exercise videos and how-to books.

4. Collecting a sizeable inheritance that will enable you to live the life of a gentleman or lady of leisure.

5. Marrying a spouse with a good income who will support you in the style to which you have become accustomed.

Of these options, my own back-up plan is #3 (mainly because #4 and #5 didn?t pan out).

A few years ago, I began to think, ?What if something happens to me so that I am unable to continue making a living as a freelance writer??

So I started my own Internet marketing business creating and selling information products ? e-books, audios, and videos ? online.

Today, my little Internet marketing business generates a six-figure income for me ? and yet I spend only an hour or two a day on it!

Do you have a back-up plan? If not, do you intend to put one into place soon?


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