Would You Encourage Your Kids to Take Your Job?

An article from CareerBuilder.com lists the “25 top jobs for 2006.”

They include some careers I’d expect or wasn’t surprised to see on the list — software engineer, sales, nursing — and some that struck me as odd choices, including waiter and janitor.

Notably absent from the list: marketing manager, advertising manager, writer, copywriter, editor, publisher, journalist, and most of the other jobs people reading this blog are involved in.

So … are our careers no longer hot or even desirable? Would you encourage your kids to follow in your footsteps — or tell them to pick a profession other than yours?

What say you?


19 thoughts on “Would You Encourage Your Kids to Take Your Job?

  • When waiter and janitor hit this list, you’ve gotta wonder how much times have changed.

    My kids? I want to prepare them to be knowledge workers, otherwise they are going to end up with crappy service jobs. To be able to learn, think, and act. That’s what makes my job so satifying.

  • I’m a nurse and I don’t know where they get their numbers. Many in nursing are leaving and I’m certainly looking for a different career! Many of my colleagues are as well!

    Guess what field I’m getting into? 🙂


  • Yes re encouraging my daughter to copy my job; as an internet marketer and 7-figure copywriter the freedom to enjoy time with family and live wherever I wish is priceless. I am teaching my daughter how to write copy and design websites, so that she can enjoy a terrific lifestyle (or at least choose that if she wishes to) as she grows up.

    – Ken Calhoun

  • I would love it if my son or daughter chose to follow in my footsteps. But what’s more important to my wife and I is finding, developing and guiding their on special talents and strengths. Early in my life I’ve been in jobs were I that’s where I thought my father wanted me. And I hated every minute of it.

  • I’ve been a marketing manager for most of my career. I’m sure most of you in marketing will agree that it can be a demanding, stressful line of work at times — yet rewarding. I doubt my children will follow my footsteps, but if they do I’ll try to help them avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

  • I think that any human and my son particulary must have a possibility to choose the prosession he likes. I will not exert influence on his choice.

  • “So … are our careers no longer hot or even desirable?”

    I sure hope not since I’m making a career change in my mid-life and it incorporates copywriting, editing, book designing .. something I’m discovering I not only love doing but I’m good at. (You cannot know how terribly difficult it is to state that simple “I’m good at” is for me! 🙂

    “Would you encourage your kids to follow in your footsteps — or tell them to pick a profession other than yours?”

    I encouraged my kids to do what they enjoy. My son is a credit analyst not because he’s following me or anyone else; he’s doing that because he wants to for now. Later I hope he’ll find a career involving sports analysis but for now he’s not ready to do that. My daughter is a photographer. She’s been blessed to have that “eye” one needs to capture human essence and this year saw her open her studio. I am in awe of her gift and her abilities.


  • I aim to steer my four boys AWAY from advertising with all of my might.

    Which is beyond hypocritical of me since the house we live in here in glorious CT was BUILD with my blood sweat and tears down in the city.


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  • I like my line of work, but will certainly try to encourage my kids to expand on their own talents. I don’t want my children to follow my line of work simply because it is what “daddy” did.

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